God dammit, why don't you love me?

by Fuck Jake

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This record is a fictional story about two people who aren't in love anymore.

go to www.fuckjake.blogspot.com to read about the jerk in this story


released January 18, 2015

recorded and mixed by the beautiful Bradly Perkins



all rights reserved


Fuck Jake Marshall, Missouri


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Track Name: remis
you were a light that shined through my window
and i closed the blinds on you
you woke me up to go to the thrift store
and i stayed asleep until noon
i wish we could do more things together like we used to do
but i lost myself and i made your life hell
that was so unfair to you
don't let anyone hurt you again
i still think that you are perfect and beautiful
but you don't like to hear it (no im not)
i hope she never lets you forget
Track Name: you could have treated her better
im sorry i broke your heart but sorry doesn't mean a thing
loving somebody is hard when you destroy everything
when did i become so sad
i wish i cold have known what i had
i hurt you constantly and you loved me anyway
Track Name: this is for you
how did you find me
i have been so lost
i can't quit thinking about how you're gone
but there's nothing i can do that hasn't been done
i want you to know you were my first love
these things often break or fade away with time
things have been so tough
im sorry i fucked up
Track Name: it's hard to breathe tonight
you know i catch fire whenever i'm with you
and i've never been more inspired
to be with someone who doesn't feel the way i do
i'm tearing up my soul
too busy living in the past
you either fall in love too slow or it happens too fast
i've been pacing around waiting for your call
so you can just let me down
i hear it in your voice
i feel it whenever you're around
if only i cold be the person that you needed somehow
i can't keep on holding onto what isn't mine
it will only take time
that's what you told me and i think you lied
i tell you these things i want you to believe
things i can achieve but i've already achieved you
what else could i want to do
Track Name: everybody's gotta grow up
you let her wear that shirt
you never had to say the words
you never had to say anything at all
anything at all
Track Name: ily more
when you were born the sunlight got trapped inside your eyes
with specks of gold and brown and green
that unfold in my every dream
when you smile and show your teeth i want to kiss you fast
and id wish that it would last
you could talk in my mouth like we did when we were kids
before there was a bed in this house
all we needed was each other then
we made love on the floor
i guess you just wanted more
your heart is a room and if you unlock the door
i promise i will be who i was before
the boy who said i love you more
well it wasn't fair to say but it's sure damn true today
Track Name: bubble gum
were you wearing that before i ever left
because i wrote a letter to you everyday that would pass
i guess i was writing a ghost but i didn't know it though
who would have thought that you'd be somebody like that
how does it feel to be the one who leaves
i know you didn't want to hurt me but i would have liked some honesty
even though i wasn't the best i thought id mean more than this
when you finally answered the phone and said hey baby
those words weren't for me